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Dedicated to wine enthusiasts, we present to you a cheap, reliable, and professional platform!

WINE-EX is the first online wine trading platform in Hong Kong, providing a direct link to London's prestigious Liv-ex wine exchange, offering more than 6,000 trade options every day for members to choose from.

Complete wine variety
Among the 5,000+ trades, French wines are the main focus, including famous appellations such as Bordeaux, Burgundy, Rhone, and Champagne. Other major wine-producing countries, such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, Australia, the US, Chile, and more, are also available. The prices range from £8 to £20,000 per bottle, and the selection includes both new vintages and aged wines over 100 years old.
Reliable source of wine
All wines on the platform are sourced from Liv-ex members, who are the largest and most reputable wine merchants internationally. In addition to the self-assured quality of the wines by the suppliers, Liv-ex also has a professional certification team (VINE) that checks and certifies each trade to ensure its reliability accurately.
Affordable and Transparent pricing
The wine prices on the platform are directly reflected from Liv-ex's pricing, considered the best in the wine industry. Therefore, WINE-EX members can pick the cheapest deals according to their preference.
Professional annotations
Each trade provides expert annotations on the wine, including its score, rating, and appellation. Hence, members can easily understand each trade and make informed decisions while also learning more about different wines' professional aspects.

Liv-ex Introduction

The Liv-ex is a global wine trading platform, facilitating a market for professional buyers and sellers.

It was established in 1999, introducing efficient and transparent market mechanisms. The services provided by Liv-ex include an online trading platform, leading market data services, and professional logistics solutions (VINE).

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The Liv-ex’s trading and settlement platform operates on the basis of the internet and telephone, providing services exclusively to wine merchants and professionals. (Non-professionals can use Liv-ex’s wine cellar monitoring.) This platform enables members to contact the large number of buyers and sellers globally, making it the most cost-effective way to trade wine.
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Liv-ex has established the world's largest standardized price database for fine wine. Thus, it is the primary source of pricing information and research on premium wine, including Liv-ex fine wine indices (Liv-ex 100 Fine Wine Index). All data is provided efficiently and accurately, from automatic to in-depth research projects. Liv-ex is also an official assessment system for many top-rated wine funds.
Logistic solution VINE viewView
Vine, LIV-EX's complementary service, offers professional warehousing and transportation solutions for high-end wine trading. Visiting the innovative Vine website enables customers to view inventory records, transportation details and related images, so that they can efficiently track orders online. Vine is also the only warehouse provider fully integrated with LIV-EX, making transactions conducted through the LIV-EX platform more convenient and efficient.

About Vine

Vine redefines the standards and processes of the supply chain,
offering you a more secure and simple high-quality wine logistics service.

Through its unique professional service of wine appraisal and integrated technology,
Vine helps you eliminate risks, save time and reduce costs.

Convenient and user-friendly VINE services include:

Temperature-controlled, highly secure and clean warehouse space
Expert team
Complete standards
Software system access via an intuitive website

Please contact VINE for more information, prices, and delivery requirements.
Download VINE information package
VINE is a member of the British International Freight Association (BIFA) and the UK Warehousing Association.
All freight services must comply with BIFA's standard trading conditions,
while all warehouse services must follow UKWA's terms and conditions.

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